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Data protection at GRENKE

GRENKE LIMITED takes data protection very seriously. Your data is collected and used in accordance with applicable legislation. The following applies:

1. Each time a user accesses a GRENKE LIMITED site or file, the data about these processes is stored in a log file. This data is retained for technical and statistical purposes only.

The following information is stored:

  • Name of file accessed
  • Date and time of access
  • Volume of data transferred
  • Notification whether file was successfully accessed
  • Browser type
  • Requesting domain
  • Country of origin of requesting domain


2. The information supplied by users during registration is anonymised before it is analysed by GRENKE LIMITED for statistical purposes, on condition that the user's consent has been obtained. GRENKE LIMITED does not sell addresses to third parties.

3. GRENKE LIMITED employees are obligated to keep personal data confidential. This data is transmitted to third parties only if necessary for the processing of user enquiries or for fulfilling the terms of a contract with the user. Third parties in question are subject to similar non-disclosure agreements with GRENKE LIMITED.

4. All sensitive data hosted by or stored on our servers are protected from unauthorised access by means of multiple security mechanisms. GRENKE LIMITED employees and its IT service providers test the effectiveness of these security mechanisms on a regular basis.

5. Any and all changes to this data protection policy will be posted here. Should GRENKE LIMITED need to use your data for any other purposes, we will ask for your permission first. Changes in the use of your data will only be made once we have obtained your consent.

Please send your questions, suggestions and enquiries regarding data protection to